Club Outings

Want to go on an outing? Want to get to know other club members? Want to fish locally or new lakes out of town chasing the hottest bite? Have a place you want to go to? Then you simply need to sign up to say you’re interested in going on any or all of these outings. An outing can happen with enough interest but if no one signs up then the outing can’t happen. Outings without exact dates are either weather dependent, river levels and based on the timing of the bite. Once you’re signed up you will get more specific details of the trip.   Jim is the contact for all outings listed below.

Summer 2017:

Louisiana: We have club members wanting an outing chasing redfish and tuna. Contact Jim if interested so we can set this up!
Lake Michigan: We will be setting up a salmon charter fishing trip out of Port Washington. Join a group of club members for a great time. Please contact Jim if interested
Lake Erie: Want to go on a walleye, smallmouth or perch outing on Lake Erie this summer? Contact Jim.

September 9th  Volunteer Opportunity working with kids.  See current newsletter and contact Gary Schutte if you can help out. or phone 608-514-5989

September 24th   Picnic at Mendota County Park.   See Newsletter for details.  Contact Jerry King to sign up. or phone (608) 513-8537

September 30th   Outing on the Madison Chain to catch Northern Pike.  More details will be coming along later.

All outings above are open to club members, our Rock Valley Angler friends, your family and friends! We need members with boats but you can participate even if you don’t have one. Sign-ups will be at club meetings but look for a new link out on our website soon. As always you can contact me at any time to sign-up or if you have questions or just want advice.

If you have any outing ideas please let Jim Pankratz or let anyone on the board know!

Jim Pankratz      608-709-6442 or

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